Friday, October 30, 2015

The day before Halloween! Check these 9 offers out!

Hey everybody,

Tomorrow it finally is Halloween!
I have seen a lot of nice stuff down the streets. Some people are really doing their best to get the most out of Halloween.
Because it's the last days today I have looked some gadgets up on that are nice to have.
Maybe an idea for the last hours? Or you can already start planning your Halloween for next year ;).

1. Push Button Comb
Want to scare people with a knife and comb your hear afterwards? This knife can definitely help you with it! For only $6.99 it is yours!


2. Ghost Baby Halloween Costume Baby Gown & Cap
If you have children then is a nice costume for your baby.
For only $22.99 you can make from your smallest a little ghost!

3. Star Wars Child's Darth Vader Costume (Small)
This costume is a 2-in-1 costume really. For Halloween and you can also use it for the new upcoming Star Wars Movie! Dress your son up for only $12.04 it is yours.


4. Baby Dinky Dragon Costume
How cute is this costume for you little child? Make from your child a cute dragon...really not to scary but oke...its just to cute! Price varies from $7.99-$65.83


5. Baby Lil' Monster Costume
Another cute baby costume for Halloween. I just had to post another one.
Maybe Halloween will not be that scary this year! Price varies from $5.09-$86.00


6. Sugar Skull Tea Spoon
A nice Tea spoon in the form of a skull. For only $2.76 it is yours!


7. Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place
Scare your friends when they go to the toilet with this zombie hand!
For only $5.64 it is yours!


8. Zombie Animated Fog
For those who also like the walking dead will this Zombie a wanna have! Set your garden full with these guys!
For only $46.15 you will have your scary Zombie!


9. Last but not least: Bag of Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set
A nice bag of bones. Not really scary but its a nice to have.
Together with the Zombie you can start your walking dead set!
For only $29.38 it is yours!



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