Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Games...create them yourself!

Hey everybody,

Yesterday I posted that I like playing games now and then.
When I was younger I always wanted to make my own game but I also knew that it was almost impossible to do so unless I could work at a company that makes games like Blizzard, Ubisoft, Westwood Studios and so on...

Since then a lot has changed when Apple came with the Iphone which worked with applications (apps). It became a standard to create apps for mobile phones, tablets and later on for computers.

If you can program a bit then you can create your own app and launch it on IOS, Android or Windows. A few months ago I wondered if I could make a game myself on one of those platforms.

and then it all begun...

After some research I found out that I is possible to even make it in flash to try it out. If that would work you can create an app game as well.
And hey, there are some 'easy' programs to do so. One of them is Stencyl which gives you the opportunity to create a game without code.
The software is free to use when you just create flash games to publish on the web. For apps you need to buy the product.

I looked for a book that helped me understand the program to create a game as it is not always that simple to do so. The fact is that not everybody will be able to create games.

The book that I bought is Stencyl Essentials.
It's a book which gives you instructions to create a game step by step.
It's well explained and easy to follow + you really make a game that works (in flash).

After that I started to create my own game but my computer crashed and I lost all my images for my game so I need to start over again when I have the time :-(...Hopefully I can find the time again to finish the game that I have in mind.

For those who also want to try it check out the Stencyl website first before you start using it.

If someone had other great programs to create a game then let me know!


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