Saturday, October 31, 2015

What would you buy if you have $1000 to spend?

Hey Everybody,

I have a simple question for you guys.

What would you buy from when you could spend $1000? Which items would you buy?
It can be just one item or multiple items, it's all up to you!

Maybe you would buy a new smartphone or maybe you are a gamer and want to buy a new console? Or do you have a wish list of games? Maybe you rather like to work in your garden or cook something in the kitchen?

Please share what you should buy!


Friday, October 30, 2015

The day before Halloween! Check these 9 offers out!

Hey everybody,

Tomorrow it finally is Halloween!
I have seen a lot of nice stuff down the streets. Some people are really doing their best to get the most out of Halloween.
Because it's the last days today I have looked some gadgets up on that are nice to have.
Maybe an idea for the last hours? Or you can already start planning your Halloween for next year ;).

1. Push Button Comb
Want to scare people with a knife and comb your hear afterwards? This knife can definitely help you with it! For only $6.99 it is yours!


2. Ghost Baby Halloween Costume Baby Gown & Cap
If you have children then is a nice costume for your baby.
For only $22.99 you can make from your smallest a little ghost!

3. Star Wars Child's Darth Vader Costume (Small)
This costume is a 2-in-1 costume really. For Halloween and you can also use it for the new upcoming Star Wars Movie! Dress your son up for only $12.04 it is yours.


4. Baby Dinky Dragon Costume
How cute is this costume for you little child? Make from your child a cute dragon...really not to scary but oke...its just to cute! Price varies from $7.99-$65.83


5. Baby Lil' Monster Costume
Another cute baby costume for Halloween. I just had to post another one.
Maybe Halloween will not be that scary this year! Price varies from $5.09-$86.00


6. Sugar Skull Tea Spoon
A nice Tea spoon in the form of a skull. For only $2.76 it is yours!


7. Zombie-Hand Peel 'N Place
Scare your friends when they go to the toilet with this zombie hand!
For only $5.64 it is yours!


8. Zombie Animated Fog
For those who also like the walking dead will this Zombie a wanna have! Set your garden full with these guys!
For only $46.15 you will have your scary Zombie!


9. Last but not least: Bag of Skeleton Bones - 28 Piece Set
A nice bag of bones. Not really scary but its a nice to have.
Together with the Zombie you can start your walking dead set!
For only $29.38 it is yours!



Thursday, October 29, 2015

Are these 8 want to have or absurd kitchen gadgets?

Hey Everybody,

Today I'm going to talk about 8 nice/weird/adsurd kitchen gadgets :-).

1. Fantastic Job - Car Shape Corn Stripper with a Little Storehouse
The car shape corn stripper is used for stripping corn!
The corn stripper also has a little storehouse so that it catches the corn while you are stripping it.
The reviews for this simple device are positive. Maybe something to use for Thanksgiving diner?
For only $4.14 it can yours!

2. Cake Batter Dispenser With Measuring Label
The batter dispenser will help you to make the perfect cupcakes or pancakes! Don't spill a drip with this handy gadget.
For only $7.15 it can yours!

3. Self stiring mug
When you wake up and you are still tired then everything needs to go smooth. With this self stiring mug you don't have to worry about getting a spoon.
For only $5.76 it can be yours!

4. Pop-Up Hot Dog Toaster
Do you like hot dogs? Why not make em with this hot dog Toaster! Warm up your bread & hot dogs together!
For only $18.99 it is yours!

5. Cake-Sicle Pan
Do you like Frisco's or do you rather want a cupcake? With the cake sicle pan you can make cupcakes in the form of a Frisco!
For only $15.05 it is yours!

6. Egg and Muffin Toaster
Oh yeah, I really like this one! I like toasts and eggs so it's pretty handy to make both with one device!
For only $34.99 it is yours!

7. Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven
This gadget will bake or roast your pizza or other food. It will bake while rotating to assure even baking! Something nice for on the table while dinning with friends!
For only $46.72 it is yours!

8. Electric Kebab Grill
So you like Kebab or chicken or you like to BBQ? With this multi-functional grill you can make it all! For only $69.00 it is yours!

Hopefully you liked the post and want to share it! Maybe it will give you some ideas for the Holidays!