Sunday, October 25, 2015

Star Wars! The must haves for every fan!

Finally! The newest Star Wars movie will be launched in a December.

I think that every Star Wars fan is very excited about this new movie nevertheless that Return of the Jedi (Star Wars 6) was a nice ending for the double trilogy.

Most of the fans didn't found the new 3 movies, the first 3 of the episode very good. I personally found the once from the eighties indeed a lot better. Even in our times where the technology is more advanced the 3 movies from the eighties were so much better even the sci-fi was done so much better.

Now, with the new movie ahead there are some nice toys on the market and they are all being promoted so much these days that you can't miss em.

Here are some stuff that I really like and are on my wishlist:

1 X Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set - Limited Edition

 This nice Cup set is on the market for only $27,90.

Star Wars X-Wing Chrome Knife Block

This is just a cool knife block in the form of an X-Wing. This is a must have for every Star Wars fan!
It's on the market for $79,99

Air Hogs Star Wars Remote Control Ultimate Millennium Falcon Quad

Get your own Millennium Falcon! It's remote controlled, so you can really fly with it.
It is expensive but a very nice thing to have. It's on the market for $119!

Now it's also possible to get your own Yoda candy holder:
Star Wars Yoda Candy Holder

 It's for sale for about $26,34. This is something I'm really going to buy!

Another cute Yoda product for you or your children is this Lucas Films Yoda Pillowtime Pal

Oh yeah, don't deny it, this is a cute Yoda and it can be yours for $15,30!

I could of course say that every fan needs the full DVD or Blueray Sage but it's better to wait till the new 3 movies are out and buy all 9 of them if you still have them :-)!


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