Sunday, November 15, 2015

Home of the Bees!

Hey everybody,

Today I'm not going to write about reviewed products.
Today I'm going to write about a fundraising for bees!

A good friend of mine wants to buy his own piece of ground so that he can build it out only for bees.
This means that he will plant specific plants for the bees so that they can survive easily in every seasons.

For those who don't know anything about bees I will give you a little information about why he wants to do this.
Most of you will have heard about the bees population problem. Bees are having a hard time to survive due to the toxics that everybody is using to have a clean and nice garden. Plants and weeds are being removed and killed because the green borders of the road needs to be clean.

These measures that are been taken to have a clean and nice piece of ground are a problem for bees as they need a good variation of flowers to survive.
For those who don't know this, bees really need a wide variation of flowers and plants to produce honey and nectar for the hive. Next to the food they need flowers that helps them to make propolis.
A natural product that bees use to stop viruses and to protect the breed from diseases.
This variation is flowers and food makes the bees stronger, more vital and will grow the hive much bigger and they will have a very good breed to ensure the existence of the hive.

An absence of good flowers will make the bees weaker and the breed will not be as strong a the original hive. This has impact for the hives and they will die from illness or hunger.

The bees play a very big role in the fertilization of plants which gives us the very nice fruits and vegetables that all humans need to live.

So my friend wants to build out his own bees population and started a fundraise for the good of the bees.
Every dollar or penny that is will donated will be used for this purpose.

Hopefully everybody that is reading this post understands the problem and wants to help to get the bees population back on track. A small start can lead to a bigger whole.

If you want to help with the fundraise then you can always donate on the following address:

Home of the bees:


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