Monday, November 30, 2015

Different watches to watch!

Hey everybody,

It's been a while that I have written a new post but I just don't want to write a post just for the fun of it.

So the last few weeks I was looking for a new watch. I have a nice one that I got as a present from my girlfriend but I wanted something else.

So I have found these 3 different and nice watches:

1. The slow watch

A slow watch is very nice really. For those who don't know what a slow watch is, it is a watch that has a time indication of 24h and not 12h like a standard watch has.

The slow watch can change your life really because it will give you a different mindset and let time go by much slower. It will give you the feeling that a day is longer and it will bring "slow" back into your life.

As the founds slogan says:

Slow is not a speed. It's a mindset that most of us somehow lost. Let's make time to bring slow back into our life. be slow...

There are different styles of slow watches.

2. The pocket watch

This one is much cheaper that then slow watch and I don't know if the time will be accurate enough.
Still a pocket watch is a watch that I always wanted to have. I don't really why but I always liked it. The form, the style, the use...

Of course there are also different types of pocket watches.

3. The smartwatch

This watch is something else then a standard watch. The smartwatch will connect with my smartphone and I have to say that the Huawei smartwatch design is very nice. It's a combination of old and new watches.

As I don't have an Iphone it wouldn't be wise to buy an Iwatch :-).
There are of course smartwatches from different brands and for different OS types.

All 3 watches have something that I want but I can't go buy all of them and use the watches at the same time.

I'm still deciding which i'm going to buy....
Maybe you can help me?
If you have feedback about these 3 watches then let me know so that I can make the best choice :).



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