Sunday, May 1, 2016

Highlander 2: Three good movie parts

Hey everybody,

I created 3 video's on my youtube channel which are the 3 good Highlander 2 parts. Well for me that is.

The 3 parts are the following:

Conner become young again. 

In this scene Conner Macleod kills a scouter that is hunting him down.
Killing the scouter gives him the scouters strenght and thus Conner regains his youth.

Conner kill General Katana

Of course there is still a lot more going on in this movie between Conner that regains his youth and the killing of General Katana.

In this scene, well yeah, There Can Be Only One. Check it out:

And last but not least.

Conner destroys the shield that protects the earth.

Conner created a shield with his good friend to protect the earth against the sunlight because the ozon layer as almost gone.
The ozon layer is restored after many years and Conner detroys the shield so that everybody can enjoy the sunlight again instead of living in a dark world.

I hope you all enjoy these movie parts too!


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